A Healthy Minnesota

As someone who has devoted his life to caring for people, I believe strongly in prioritizing healthy communities and  working alongside you to build financially accessible solutions to the healthcare challenges we are facing in Minnesota.

Lowering Prescription Drug and Medical Care Costs

Healthcare costs continue to burden many Minnesotans. I want to work towards reducing medication costs by enforcing stronger accountability and pricing fairness requirements for insurers and pharmacy benefit managers. Minnesota's state government can address increasing pharmaceutical costs by importing pharmaceuticals from Canadian pharmacies, and negotiating prices directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers. In addition to pharmaceutical costs, many patients in Minnesota struggle to afford unexpected charges after receiving medical care, which is why I want to establish greater hospital service pricing transparency and standardization in order to help patients in Minnesota plan financially for the cost of their care.

Addressing Minnesota's Opioid Crisis

Fatal opioid overdoses in Minnesota have increased 600% since 2000, and continue to rise every year.  I want to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable in funding opioid addiction relief efforts for the very problem they helped create. In order to help Minnesotans battling chemical dependency, I want to increase access to affordable and effective rehabilitative programs so that fewer lives will be lost to opioid addiction in our state.

Affordable Healthcare Coverage Options for Minnesotans

Our health insurance industry is overrun by inefficiency, waste, and lack of quality coverage options. I am committed to exploring all healthcare options that reduce administrative overhead costs and waste while guaranteeing all Minnesotans can afford the healthcare they need. We can encourage competition in the health insurance industry by passing a Minnesota Care buy-in option, so all Minnesotans have access to affordable healthcare that is independent from their employment. I also want to work on growing Minnesota's mental health professional workforce while expanding access to affordable, convenient mental healthcare to help Minnesotans manage mental illness.