Economic Prosperity

I believe that all working class Minnesotans deserve a fair deal. I am committed to expanding economic prosperity, and financial accountability in our state.

Fiscal responsibility

Working class Minnesotans deserve a long-term, financially responsible vision for how our state spends our hard-earned tax dollars. I am dedicated to reducing inefficiency and wasteful spending in our state, while prioritizing responsible investments in essential public resources. Our legislature was unable to enact a tax conformity bill in 2018. It is my goal to make sure that working Minnesotans and their families can keep as much of their paychecks as possible under a new tax structure.

Fair pay and looking out for business owners

Wages for many hard working people in Minnesota remain the same, despite increasing costs of living in our community. I am committed to working alongside you to grow wages and income for working Minnesotans, so that everyone who works hard has the opportunity to be successful.  I believe that business owners and entrepreneurs are essential to our community, and provide employment opportunities that help to grow our local economy. I want to build a business-friendly economy in Minnesota that provides an opportunity to succeed for all dedicated small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Skills training

Many labor, trade, and vocational jobs are currently vacant or will soon become vacant in Minnesota. By focusing more of our resources on training the next generation of skilled laborers, more Minnesotans will be able to find meaningful employment that will help to build economic growth in Minnesota.

expanding Minnesota's renewable energy economy

By investing in renewable energy growth and related job skills training, we can create thousands of good paying energy sector jobs that cannot be moved elsewhere. Minnesota can become a leader in building a local, sustainable renewable energy economy that will secure greater economic growth within our state while reducing costs associated with importing fossil fuels.