Hodgkin Lymphoma

We're featured in the Savage Pacer!

Our local paper, the Savage Pacer, featured a story on our campaign's recent endorsement and hit on part of what motivated me to run to represent our community:

In May of 2017, Cantrell’s life changed when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and began a seven-month course of chemotherapy. In October, Cantrell suffered a rare allergic reaction to the chemotherapy drug and was hospitalized for nine days. It was during those days that Cantrell made a decision.

“I decided, if I get through this, then I’m going to make sure that I work each and every day to make sure that folks can get the exact same healthcare that I was able to get that saved my life,” Cantrell said.

Read the full article in the March 30th print edition of the Savage Pacer or online here.