Restoring Accountability

In recent years, our state government has become less transparent and less accountable to the people it is supposed serve. It is time to bring accountability and reason back to our state legislature. I believe at the heart of public service is the idea that people should go into politics to do good, not to do well.

end unaccountable policy-making

Year after year, Minnesota's state legislature has continued to push through bills in the dead of night that deal with billions of our tax-payer dollars during the final hours of the legislative session. Minnesotans deserve to have the opportunity to give feedback on the policies that affect us. I want to put an end to the practice of passing important bills that no one has had the chance to read by requiring that all state budget targets to be established 14 days before the end of the legislative session, and be made open to public testimony before coming to a vote.

Reduce the influence of special interest groups

Special interest groups ranging from the pharmaceutical industry to the tobacco companies continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to buy influence over our state government. I believe politics is about serving the needs of people in our communities over the needs of the special interest groups. I am committed to reducing the ability of special interest groups to buy power and exert influence over policy-makers at the expense of the people of Minnesota.

close the revolving door

In order to reduce the incentive to profit from public office, I would strongly advocate for a ten year ban on former state lawmakers becoming registered lobbyists in the state of Minnesota upon leaving office.  This would help to deter lawmakers from creating bills that are authored with the intention of advancing the interests of outside groups instead of the interests of Minnesotans.